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Visual communication,
tastefully crafted

In the real world, nobody – with some self-worth – wants to look like the crowd but to stand out: whether it is an event, a business, a professional or a product, the audience must know first, then choose.


If what promotes your business looks like the shopping list you sketched on a kleenex, well, you got a problem.

If I have to handle 15 fonts and 20 colors before even getting what is your event about, well, you got a problem.

If you google “beer logo” and then realise that it is amazingly similar to your brewery’s, guess what? You got a problem.

By the way, don’t worry! I will not leave you alone.


Admitting to have a problem is the first step towards solving it: so, swallow your pride and let me help you.

You are aware of your audience, your positioning and your unique strengths; instead, I know how to blend it all in a clear and tasteful imagery, through which the message will be heard without stress, nausea or loss of sight.


Many are the ways to reach your goals, but I could specifically help you with these:







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