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How much for a logo?

Well, it depends. How much value will it bring to your business? If you are Nike you will have a broader audience than a local bakery, so your new brand identity will be effective on a larger group of people, aka larger ROI.

Logo design only? Anything else?

Nope. My whole expertise is packed with many crumbs of knowledge about as many skills (social, web, video, photography) but I am digging deep into logo design and brand identity, as well as collaterals (social media kit, print, logo animation).

A nurse knows for sure how the human body is built and works, but the doctor will give you specific treatment for a specific disease.

Why you don't provide a full-service offer?

Just like everyone, I have 24h/day. The time I take for R&D is 100% on logo design and branding. If I were a generalist, I would have sliced that time like this: 20% web, 20% editing, 20% social media management, 20% photography, 20% logo design and branding.

Yes, like that I could have provided a full-service offer, but quality would have decreased by 80%. I don’t recommend it.

Your works are way too simple. Why?

If you want your logo to work, it must be simple. We are drowning in information and inputs, deadlines, tasks, numbers, to-do lists. Are you sure you want to feed your brain (your target audience’s) with extra details to remember? You better not.

Simple logo = easy to recognize. Easy to use on collaterals. Easy to read on each and every media, static or moving.

What is your process?

We will start with a chat about your project, its history and your vision;

We will address the problem to solve: the question won’t be “what color do you like?” but “why you think you need a logo?”;

We will talk budget and deadlines: if we match each other we will go on, if not, well, no hard feelings;

We will sign an agreement so I could finally start doing my job and come up with the solution you need.

From now on your business is going to be seen in a brand new light by your target audience, according to the goals agreed upon.

I found some way cheaper guy. Could we meet halfway?

TLDR: no. Please hire that guy.

Long answer: think about it. You are going to be married: the place will be loaded with dressed up friends and relatives. You hire a professional photographer to capture those awesome moments you will remember forever. Your friends will do the same of course: at the end of the day a thousand pics will be taken, and they will be shown from now on for decades to people who love you, preserving the beautiful memories of you two on the happiest day of your life.

Now, before the wedding, do you want a 10$ haircut or a 200$ one?

Could you make the logo bluer?

Your logo has to identify you business, not describe it. Example: Apple doesn’t sell apple, but still…

Your logo doesn’t have to match my nor your taste, but it has to be effective on your target audience and technically sharp. Every time we forget about that, the outcome quality will be in jeopardy.

I’ll wrap it up: if you are looking for a yesman, I’m sorry but we won’t work together.
On the other hand, if you really need to solve a problem, I could help you find it and suggest a solution, in a synergic collaboration with you and your team.

Why do I hate you already?

That’s because we are not friends supposed to go on vacation together. You have a business you want to improve, starting from how your product/service is perceived by clients and prospects; I can help you reach these goals but I also have a professional/ethical obligation to take your hand and show you the right path to follow, even if you may not like it. Again, we will have to work together to match your audience’s taste, not mine, not yours.

Still have some questions, what to do?

I will be more than happy to answer anything else: get in touch.