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About me

Short answer

I’m Alessandro Scotto, freelance graphic designer grown up among the southern hills of our beloved Piedmont, Italy. I’m in communucation, from posters to motion design.

What’s the point of all of this? It is to get you in touch with the right audience, whether you’re a business, a product, an event or a professional, through a tasteful and clear imagery.


Long answer

For what concerns my name, well, that’s it.

About my job, I’m a graphic designer – that means I can help promoting what you do with these tools:

  • Logo: it’s the first thing ever to be known about you. Googling “wine logo”, “health logo” and merely copy is not enough because you’d be one of many; instead we better design something unique, long lasting and easily recognizable, something that stands for your business, not necessarily for your industry.
  • Corporate identity: every bit of stationery that comes out of your office must be recognized as part of the same brand, so we have to match style, graphics, colors and tone of voice, so that your audience will know how badass you are. This process includes business cards, leaflets, brochures, envelopes, letterhead and every other gadget you’d like to give away.
  • Illustration: stock images are the fastest workaround, although they’re not cool anymore but for memes, nor they have any personality at all and, in most cases, they can be replaced with something else. So, why don’t we draw something original?
  • Motion design: while you’re reading this, I’m sure that you’d be able to notice a man waving a chainsaw behind you, if any. You may think it’s due to the danger sense, but actually what is grabbing your attention is the movement: hence, an animation is worth more than 1000 pictures, each one -you know- is worth more than 1000 words.
    That’s a lot of breath saved.


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You did? Cool, let’s go on.

I’m a freelancer, aka I work for myself. I have no agency policies, and you could benefit from that on:

  • Time: if you need to replace a font, you don’t have to wait for your request to climb the ladder through 10+ forwards.
  • Money: I don’t have to pay employees nor partners’ mansions, so I won’t bill you any insane extra.
  • Quality: I craft every single project, from research to execution, so that the output will be nice and sleek instead of a random blend of fonts and colors.

I live in the countryside among the southern hills of Piedmont; life here is quiet, so quiet that – during the week – I encounter only wildlife.

Now, let’s talk about communication.
Get rid of any bowing, kind regards and warm wishes: beyond the garbage, what does really matter? What really matters is to be on the market with your best possible face, made out of two main things: a stunning visual that grabs the customers’ attention and clear and sharp content to let them know the details. That’s it.

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I may have forgot a few details, but you can ask for them if you wish to.