Alescotto, freelance
graphic designer.

Nicely crafted visual communication.

I’m in graphic design, hence I help corporates, events and professionals to stand out.

That said, you may need me to design a logo, a corporate image, an event poster, flyers, cards or catalogues: just ask!

The tools,


The tools,



The logo is what allows you to exist. It’s the first thing people recognize, so it better be unique.


There is nothing more effective to bring out your communication in the urban jungle.

Corporate image

Business cards, brochures and gadgets must be consistent with each other, to help people remember you.

Small format

Whether it’s a brochure or a catalogue, this is the right way to communicate when information becomes a lot.


Like T-Rex, we are more attracted to what is moving than what stands still, especially on social media (after kittens).

About me

Alessandro Scotto, born in 1991, freelance graphic designer grown up in Ovada (AL) and settled in the nearby countryside.

After 4 years in agency, in 2018 I started my personal path, which does not include the following approaches: one size fits all, it has always been like that.

We must choose targets that are, at the moment of their choosing, at any rate, well beyond our reach.

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